A group of friends took to their local Walmart store for what they call Walmart Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE.

It all went down in Copperas Cove, TX where the friends apparently took hours scoping out their location - before finally settling on this aisle in Walmart. Two men took the 'wrestling' into their own hands, while another friend dressed up as a referee.

The 'match' took new heights when the pair stood on top of a Walmart counter before flipping into (and breaking) a folded table that the store had for sale. Check out the video.

Walmart employees weren't seen in the video stopping the group. In fact, you see one employee walk by like nothing was happening. Poor guy.

We aren't sure what came of this after the video was shot, or if the group paid for the table. It's pretty clear though, this isn't what you want to do, or see, in your local Walmart.

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