As they say, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, and it's certainly true in Texas.

For many, spending time with the one you love is just something you can't explain. Yes, sometimes you do things they don't like, maybe even make them a little mad. But at the end of the day, it's the one you love, through trials and tribulations. Eventually, one may decide they want to spend the rest of their life their special person.

Then comes the nerve-wracking part of the whole thing: proposing. There's so many things that have to be perfect? The timing, the place, the's all too much to plan for. Especially that one part that keeps one up at night, the other individual saying "Yes!"

But, with a little help, that moment everyone stresses out about, becomes one for the ages. How do we know? Let's travel to Waller, Texas shall we?

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A Texas Proposal That Will Leave You Smiling, Possibly Misty-Eyed

It's always a moment when someone is caught off guard by a marriage proposal, mainly because well, they don't expect it. Thanks to the Waller High School Wranglerettes, one football game became something more than just sport.

Everything about this is...simply perfect. The call out to the director, the going down on one knee, the surprised and screaming reactions from the band and dance team...ugh who's cutting onions in here??? It's all perfection with her saying yes at the end.

What a wonderful way for her to remember the day she said yes. Now, the band and Wranglerettes have to perform at the wedding right?

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