In 2022, all of us have to deal with technology on a regular basis. Whether it be a computer, a phone, or even something as simple a traffic light. Most of the time, it's easy to handle right?

Then there are those times when technology actually doesn't seem to be on our side. For example, the computer won't turn on, or the phone won't call the person we're trying to get in touch with. But one thing we'll be talking today doesn't involve phones, but rather voting machines.

Questions About Voting Machines

According to CBS Austin and The Texas Tribune, rumors have been floating on social media that voting machines were switching votes without the person at the machine making that choice. While this is an alarming accusation, officials have a simple explanation for the unexplained changes.

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Simply put, officials say that the touch screens are simply just difficult to use at points. Much like when using a computer mouse and clicking, there's potential for a mis-click. So it's important for all of us to double check and make sure that we click the right name for whoever we want to vote for.

Investigation Of The Machines

When alleged voting fraud happens, they are looked into. Desi Roberts, Bell County Elections Administrator, revealed to the Tribune that he went to various polling sites and found no issues with the machines.

It wasn't just Bell County, various administrators in other counties also reported no issues with their voting machines. But for those wary of voting machines, they also produce a paper ballot that will help with any audits election officials may have.

So remember to double and triple check your votes! And also remember these tips before voting too!

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