Google Celebrates 21 Years
Happy Birthday and thank you Google for being there those long nights in college, and answering every question I've ever had! I wish I could buy you a round since you're officially 21, but're a computer.
Man Flies Across English Channel on Hover Board
Mr. Zapata has created a hover board called the Flyboard Air. The Flyboard Air runs on kerosene and is powered by only five jets. The hover board can fly for up to 10 minutes and is able to reach speeds as high as 110 mph.
What Happens To Your Phone When You Use FaceApp?
I admit it. I was very tempted to follow the crowd and use FaceApp to make myself look both younger and older. I didn’t do it because my husband (a web guy) said it was probably laden with stuff I didn’t want on my phone. Techcrunch actually took the time to find out what happens to yo…
Untippable Motorcycle
Amazing really might not even be the right word to describe this motorcycle. Ground breaking, technological, marvel of motorcycle goodness might be better! Check out this bike/car and tell me that you don't agree.  I dare ya!

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