Being born and raised in California, I like to think that I have a decent palette thanks to all the amazing west coast takes on food. Then I moved to Texas.

The lone star state is making me waiver between California and Texas food - both are great. One might be a bit healthier, but the other makes it up by keeping me full for the rest of the day. Let's compare, shall we?


California Burritos - Yes. There are french fries in the burrito. It's the best thing in the world.

senorsisig via Instagram

Texas Burritos - Texas burritos are drenched with goodness and the size of a big baby.

scuba.stevie via Instagram


BBQ in California - I'm used to making kabobs and my specialty Korean BBQ out in CA. I definitely love it on occasion.

baconraiderbbq via Instagram

BBQ in Texas - I went from eating CA BBQ occasionally to eating Texas BBQ weekly. I can't help it. There's too much good stuff out here.

dallasfoodtour via Instagram


In-N-Out Burger - Sorry everybody. My heart still belongs to In-N-Out and their animal style fries.

stefgram17 via Instagram

Whataburger - I completely understand the hub-bub over Whataburger. Awesome taquitos, chicken fingers, fries, biscuits and burgers. And that Texas Toast... Ok, that makes up for a lot.

mysteriousraf via Instagram


California - Ever heard of Boba Tea? Yeah. It's OK.

dobrateaashland via Instagram

Texas - Now that Sweet Tea is where it's really at.

anchoredinchrist619 via Instagram


California - My favorite pie spot back on the west coast was from a burger joint called Nation's.

corbin_san via Instagram

Texas - But the pecan pies out here are incomparable.

gabioftheroses_htx via Instagram


California - I love brunch in California. Booze and bacon and eggs.

inmariasbelly via Instagram

Texas - But who can resist food in the shape of your state!?

tickledpinkinprimary via Instagram

So. What do you think? California or Texas? Are there any specific foods I'm missing that should be compared? Let me know because research = eating.