A Texas meteorologist has become a viral sensation for the way he sneaks song lyrics into his weather report, and now he's getting big attention. Adam Krueger is the Chief Meteorologist at CW 39 News in Houston, Texas. He goes by Weather Adam on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook and has amassed a significant following for the unique way he delivers the weather to his viewers.

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Krueger first started gaining popularity on TikTok for sneaking Wordle words into his weather reports on air.

@weatheradam Sneaking #wordle words in the #weather. #meteorologist #meteorology #weatherman #texas #houston #greenscreen #livetv #news #tornado @cw39houston ♬ original sound - Adam Krueger

He began seeing thousands of views on his videos and from there, he began taking requests for what his fans wanted to see him "sneak" into his weather reports. Krueger began putting into his weather reports movie references, NFL references, and random words to the delight of his viewers. But he really hit his stride once he began putting song lyrics into his reports. His views went from a couple thousand per video to hundreds of thousands and finally millions of views. His impressive way of nonchalantly dropping song lyrics started getting even the song's artists attention. Finally, even Snoop Dogg shared Krueger's video on his Instagram, as well as the Ying Yang Twins, and rapper Lil Jon.




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It wasn't long until other television stations began reaching out and wanted to talk to the weather man. Adam Krueger then ended up on "The Talk," to talk about his viral videos:

You can watch Kreuger's newscasts in clips he's posted to his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page.

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