I think we need to have a talk with the guys from Caney Creek Fire & Rescue. They might be doing it wrong.

This past Saturday morning they answered a fire call near their station. Once they got the fire under control they started searching the second floor for victims. They found some...kinda.

They walked into a house of reptiles. Snakes and Lizards were all over the place. Since they got there so quick, and snakes are a product of the fires of hell, they were all still alive.

Well, a hero is a hero. With the help of the homeowner, the firemen moved all the reptiles to the garage area. According to Caney Creek Fire Chief Flannley, there were close to 100 snakes and other reptiles in the home, including several five to six foot Boa Constrictors.

Early indications show that Christmas Tree lights were the cause of the blaze. You can watch the firemen remove some of the snakes in the video.

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