There must be a website (and billboard) for everything in Austin.

Drive down I 35 far enough south and your eye will catch a billboard for a dating site called  One of the site's purposes is to pair ladies with willing sugar daddies a.k.a. benevolent benefactors.

The billboard suggests undocumented women can find shelter from their immigration woes in the confines of a wealthy provider. In a world where money can buy anything including happiness and/or a relationship, this website is playing off the fear that a president like Donald Trump will send scores of people packing faster than anyone can say "ay carumba!"

If you thought Ashley Madison was a repugnant website – and let's make no mistake, anything that encourages adultery is morally disgusting - just looking at the ads these guys have uploaded to you tube will make you want to hose off your monitor.

Because the billboard is in Austin however, the racial motivation behind the content is drawing a lot of attention. They ought to be concerned about how close to white slavery and human trafficking the site appears to be. Man encourage to spend money to buy the type of woman he wants: only a blind man could not see the problem there.

Sometimes, it's OK to have a moral center. Character is a good thing.