According to a new study, the average person forgets an average of FOUR things every day.  That's 1,460 every year.   Post It Notes commissioned the study which surveyed 2 thousand adults.    The study found women were twice as likely to be the one in the relationship with the better memory.  No surprises then that 54% of men in relationships rely on their partner to remember certain things so they don’t have to.  The survey also found that forgetting stuff really matters to women, men, not so much.   So stands to reason, the ladies are more likely to lie if they’ve forgotten something big and think they’ll get in trouble for it – one in four women admitted to doing this.

Here are the top 10 most common things we forget

1.  Why you went into a room.

2.  Where you put your keys.

3.  Things you wanted to buy at the grocery store.

4.  People's names after you meet them.

5.  Where you put your pen.

6.  Taking meat out to defrost.

7.  To respond to an email.

8.  To mail something.

9.  What you wanted to search for online.

10.  Where you parked your car.

It all has to do with your short term memory, not as good as the long term where you have all that info about driving a car and riding a bike and walking.  Don't despair at least you are probably better off than Dory.  Remember finding Nemo? Sure you do.

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