The Band Perry hit the stage of 'Dancing With the Stars' on Tuesday (April 16), performing 'Better Dig Two,' the first single from the just-released top-seller 'Pioneer.'

While you might have expected the siblings to perform their current single 'Done,' -- a  decidedly more upbeat and high energy track -- 'Better Dig Two' is more dramatic and lends itself better to interpretative dance on the ballroom floor.

Kimberly Perry looked stellar in a golden mini dress with puffy sleeves that she could have conceivably cribbed from the closet of her fellow country blonde Carrie Underwood.

It was a near pitch-perfect performance of 'Better Dig Two' for the trio. The crowd and the dancers were certainly into the song. It was nothing if not intense, as the pro dancers glided across the floor in sultry fashion. It's clear that the live music had an effect on them while they did their thing. They got an assist and a boost from TBP.

'DWTS' has had its fill of country music this season, with TBP performing and country cutie Kellie Pickler still in the race, perhaps headed for the finish line. Wynonna Judd was voted off a few weeks ago, but Pickler is a favorite to win the whole thing.