The Band Perry, who will release their sophomore set 'Pioneer' on April 2, are celebrating early with the Very Perry Chocolate Cherry cupcake, which was inspired by the band and one of their songs.

Gigi’s Cupcakes has created a mouth-watering concoction inspired by the track 'I'm a Keeper' on 'Pioneer.' In the song, a girl wants to christen herself 'Cherry.'

"I’ve always wanted Cherry to be my name," singer Kimberly Perry revealed. Her reason for wanting that moniker refers back to a character in literature – Cherry Valence in the famed coming-of-age novel 'The Outsiders.'

Perry continued, "She’s always been one of my favorite heroines in literature. So the cupcake was named after the song and we got to taste test."

The band was intricately involved in developing their namesake cupcake – meaning they got to taste test, which is always a good job to have.

In the video, Kimberly mentions the band's collective sweet tooth, saying "We love everything from sweet tea to cupcakes and everything in between," while debuting the beautiful treat, which is piled high with chocolate frosting and topped with a bright red cherry. It looks like a work of art, and a delicious one at that.

The cupcakery brought two cherry flavors and styles to the band when creating the confection. One had a cherry pie filling – are you drooling yet?- while the actual final cupcake actually has maraschino cherries folded and baked into the vanilla cake batter.

"It is absolutely delightful," Kimberly said, admitting that she and her brothers would be available for any sort of further taste testing at any time.

The Very Perry Chocolate Cherry Cupcake will be available at Gigi’s Cupcakes on Fridays and Saturdays in a few weeks.

The Tennessean