Food in Texas is generally pretty good right? There's so many unique flavors in this state that honestly we could go on and on about. We're still wondering about the best chicken tenders in the state though.

So while we wait to find out where the best chicken fingers are in the Lone Star State, we take a simple gander at the other foods in the state. Should we look at BBQ perhaps? We could always us a good steak right?

Well, we're sort of looking for a BBQ item. But rather, it's something that pairs well with Texas BBQ.

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We're Looking At The Best Mac And Cheese In Texas!

Yes, mac and cheese is something that makes us all smile right? Plus it's generally really easy to make. Who doesn't have a craving for that simple dish in their life at some point either?

So if you're feeling the need to eat some mac and cheese, where you should you go to find the best in the state? Thankfully, LoveFood has the place to go for the delicacy. According to LoveFood, The Backyard In Seabrook, Texas has it.

Now here's the thing, they have many types of Mac and Cheese to choose from. But the best, as stated by LoveFood is the NOLA Mac and Cheese. The menu shows it has multiple ingredients, which includes blackened shrimp.

Well, it looks like we'll be taking a visit there soon! Anybody else hungry?

What About Another Type Of Food?

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