Earlier this week, Reddit user the_one_silverwind posted an Imgur link to Reddit's McLounge forum that appears to be a company memo instructing managers to use up what's left of their orange Hi-C, which will be officially discontinued on May 1. In July, McDonald's will replace it with a new drink only available at Micky D's: Sprite TropicBerry.
The memo mentions that some customers may question the change, so they've attached a "crew script" to help explain what's going on.

Naturally, the internet took the news with quiet, graceful acceptance.

While I rarely got Hi-C there, I can understand why some people would be upset. It's just always been an option, and you have to wonder why they can't just put the new Sprite nozzle where the water is and attach a little white lever for water to another nozzle like many other restaurants. Is Hi-C high price? Is it going to break the bank?

Anyway, if you're a fan of wheezing the Hi-C juice at McDonald's, you have until your local restaurants run out some time after May 1 to enjoy a cup with your fries.

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