June's "Show Us Your Grill Contest" was a huge success. We rounded up A LOT of the ugliest, barely-working, dirtiest grills in Central Texas and crowned our winner.

If we had enough 4-burner gas grills, we would have given one to all of our participants. But we do want to thank you for taking part in this fun contest. There were some hilariously beat up grills to admire and even funnier photos to go with them.

Randi Ingrassia wrote about his beat up grill:

This is what happens when your 2-year-old goes hulk on the grill.

Shannon Alexander had a crazy story about her husband's grill going skiing on 190:

We were on our way to a fundraiser for children's miracle network and as we're driving up Nolanville hill heading to Belton I hear a noise, look out my review mirror to see my husband's grill sliding from the left lane. It has missing parts that are somewhere on 190 and his birthday is the day after the 4th of July! This would be an amazing present for his birthday since it was my fault that his is all messed up.

Maureen Ciriello burned her first batch of burgers because she was submitting her grill photo to this contest!

Ok, I grill a lot of burgers. My grandsons love them. I always start dinner with, "I make the best burgers in town". Well tonight while filling this out and grilling, I burned "the best burgers in town" to a crisp . I mean beyond charcoal, just plain black! Pretty funny considering Please! Look at these pics. I need a new grill.

Learn the stories of each person's grill in our contest. Most are pretty funny and the grills' conditions speak for themselves.