Behold! The "Show Us Your Grill" Winner for June, 2016! It's more of a grill/smoker combo. No matter what ya call it, this one is definitely the winner.

When I asked Joy Smith if she thought her boyfriend would throw away this homemade multipurpose spectacle now that she's about to win a new one, she said "No way!" This is because however this idea came together, the plus side is that you can cook an entire pig all at once on it. Never-the-less, Joy wanted to win a real grill so she submitted photos of this BBQ Beast, and she has been selected as the winner!


Joy gets to take home a stainless steel Char-broil 4-burner gas grill with a side burner just in time for the 4th of July! Now she's off to create an epic grocery list that will put her new prize to work.

Show Us Your Grill via Joy Smith

Thanks to everyone for the great photo submissions. I think the best part of this "grill" is that we know nobody in New York city could ever come up with something like this. It's a Texas-size beast, and more importantly, the winner!  More winning is coming soon! Keep those great Central Texas photos coming!