Death. It's how we die. Each state is pretty much the same as too the most popular ways we go meet our maker. Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Accidents seem to be the most popular. It's the rare odd ones that are making people wonder.

I'm sure, since it's Texas, that we die more from random gun violence. Nope that honor goes to neighbors to the East.

A Stateline analysis of 2014 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows some weird trends.

For example. Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin. Odds are higher in these three states that you're gonna die falling.

Alaska. You've got a higher than average chance of getting your head blown off. Self inflicted of course.

Washington State is bigger on Alzheimers than anywhere else in the nation.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, & South Carolina are the States that a higher than average chance that you're going to die bloody in a homicide with a firearm.

Now in Texas. For some odd reason, we are more likely to kick because of Septicemia, which is a medical condition caused by a overwhelming immune response to infection. In idiot radio guy language...we ignore infections in our body to the point where our organs begin to shut down. Laziness and Denial, bigger in Texas. National average is just over 10 per 100,000, but in Texas it's 16.7 per 100,000.

So do yourself a favor and get that STD looked at before crap stops working.