I love Wednesdays!  Not because I can walk around the office yelling Hump Day but because its Duck Day!!! 

Duck Dynasty airs Wednesdays at 9 and I don't miss a minute of my country cousins.

Country Cousins?  I know, you're thinking this is just a snappy name I call them.  Nope, they're actually a part of my extended family.  Phil, Si, and I share something in common, it's Claudette and Al Robertson, our aunt and uncle.  And my mom used to play with Si when they were kids and, yes, he was crazy back then.  When he says he didn't wear shoes until he was six, he's not stretching the truth.  And I think he had a beard at that age too.

The Family Quack Pack

Long live the bearded wonders!  Quack!  Quack!