A mind meld has occurred between "Breaking Bad" and "The Simpson"s.  We "Breaking Bad" Fans are losing our minds as we wait for the final episodes to air.  AMC broke  up the final season into two parts, The Horror!


The final "Breaking Bad" episodes will air this summer.  Meantime we get some comic relief from "The Simpsons".  This Sunday (April 14), the opening is done "Breaking Bad" Style.

In case you don't know, "Breaking Bad” is all about New Mexico high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who cooks "Special One of a Kind Blue" crystal meth after he’s diagnosed with cancer.

The Simpsons clip begins with Breaking Bad’s familiar title screen, and some Breaking Bad music.  Marge is making BLUE CUPCAKES! "Breaking Bad" Fans you will love it. The rest of you.  Just act like you get it.!