A Texas couple whose SUV was stolen last month has their vehicle back, and the thief even made some repairs.

Shane Peters’ Dodge Durango broke down on Highway 59 in Cleveland back in June. Peters was unable to afford a tow, so he left the vehicle, intending to pick it up later. However, a thief beat him to it.

On Sunday, Peters’ wife, Chelsea, and her grandmother spotted the Durango at an Exxon gas station in Cleveland. They tailed the vehicle while on the phone with police, giving officers turn-by-turn directions as they pursued it.

Once the couple had their vehicle back, they noticed that the thief had fixed the drive shaft and even put three new wheels on it.

Unfortunately, the police won’t be covering the cost of the repairs, and it seems unlikely that the thief will either, since he’s been arrested for the theft and for all the meth officers found in the center console.

Still, Peters has his ride to work back and things turned out relatively ok.