It's amazing how much people complain about Facebook.  With a billion or so people worldwide using Facebook that's a lot of complaining about other people's posts.

We're all guilty of bad habits on Facebook.  We all have an obnoxious habit on social media.  If you don't think you're obnoxious on Facebook, just ask a friend.  They'll be honest with you and let you know what your "Facebook M.O." happens to be.  My obnoxious habits are posting countless pics of my kids AND remaining radio-silent, just reposting other people's posts they got from other people who got it from someone else.

So, what are you doing wrong RIGHT NOW on Facebook?  Here are five of the most popular answers . . .


Photo Illustration by Chris Jackson/Getty Images
1.  Posts about things "real men do" or "real women do."  Like "Real men cook their wife dinner."
2.  Buzzfeed articles about things only kids born in the '90s care about.  Yes, everyone remembers Nickelodeon shows like"Doug".  It REALLY wasn't that long ago.  And we remembered it when Buzzfeed posted the same list three years ago.  Buzzfeed quizzes (to which I'm addicted) also belong here.
3.  Bragging about CrossFit workouts.  It seems like part of doing CrossFit is expending energy by bragging about it.
4.  Declaring everything the "best picture ever" or "best video ever" or "best wedding proposal ever."
5.  Complaints about being old . . . at age 26.  Whipper snappers.


The only thing MORE obnoxious than people's Facebook posts are people complaining about people's Facebook posts.