It's Wednesday night and in my house at 9pm the TV is tuned to Duck Dynasty and the goings on of the Robertson clan.  And I'm obviously not alone.  The years series premiere episode had over 11 million people witnessing the renewal of Phil & Kays vows.  And in the nearly 50 years of marriage, they managed to raise 4 sons and rise from poverty to world wide fame while strengthening their morals as well as their beliefs in God and country.

But how well do you really know them?  Ever wonder what happens when the cameras aren't looking?  Is Si really that crazy? Well, yeah, he is, so nothing new there. Does carefree Jas do anything besides hunt and fish?  And what about these "city girl" wives?  Who's really the better cook, Korie or Miss Kay? Do you know what Missy's favorite thing to do is?

Well,  let me enlighten you.  Quack, Quack.