Thomas Rhett is one of the breakout country artists of 2014, and in an interview during 2014 CMA Awards week, he revealed what he would do with the trophy if he won Best New Artist Wednesday night (Nov. 5).

"I mean, I guess I'd have to put it somewhere in the room that I keep my other plaques and stuff," he tells ToC's Billy Dukes. "I'm not a guy that puts anything on the wall, really. I have like one plaque on the wall. I just don't like to be the guy that, when you walk into my house, it's like, 'Welcome to my shrine.' But that's a special thing, so I'll put it somewhere where I can display it in the house."

Rhett's current single, 'Make Me Wanna,' is pure fun, and he says there's more where that came from.

"I took a little time off in October to start working on the second album, and we've definitely cut some songs that definitely hint towards 'Make Me Wanna,'" he reveals. "So it'll be fun to kinda delve in more in that direction. I'm just a fan of those fun songs. And there'll be a lot of depth on this record -- I would say more depth than the first one."

Though 'Make Me Wanna' has a danceable groove, Rhett laughingly admits his own dance moves are pretty limited.

"Whatever I did in the music video is about as good as it's ever gonna get," he says. "It's never gonna get any better than that. Hopefully it doesn't get worse."

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