Every day we awake to bad news. It's just part of life, right? Bad things happen to good people, and we just have to move on. That's what most of have been told, at least. But what if there was a different way to live life?

The motto "to protect and serve" has been adopted by many police forces around the United States, but the sad truth is that a vast number of minorities do not feel protected or served by our police force.

A lot of people say, "well who are you going to call if you're being attacked? Or if someone is breaking into your home?"

Those people assume you would call the police. The thought process is so simple for someone who isn't a minority. For those of us on the other side, it's so much more complex.

On October 12, Atatiana Jefferson of Fort Worth’s life ended. Atatiana's neighbor called a non-emergency police line to ask officers if they could perform a wellness check. Somehow, some way, this wellness check led to her death.

It's not right, it's not fair, and it scares me.

I consider myself an average law-abiding citizen. I have no criminal record, but what does that matter if the color of my skin is brown? What does it matter if I listen to all the commands an officer gives me? I could still die. I could still be taken out in a moment.

We are tired of being afraid. We are tired of seeing our brothers and sisters die. We are tired of holding our breath when being pulled over. We need change. We want to be free from this fear, and we deserve it.

If you have hate in your heart, you shouldn't be an officer.

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