I'm a LOSER!  But so are millions of other people.  The 448 million dollar Powerball Jackpot has three winners, two tickets sold in New Jersey and one in Minnesota.

The winning numbers in Wednesday's drawing: 58-5-25-59-30, the Powerball is 32.

Winning tickets in New Jersey were sold at the Super Stop 'n Shop in South Brunswick, N.J. and Acme Markets in Little Egg Harbor, N.J. No word yet on where the winning ticket in Minnesota was sold.

Split that three ways, the person or people holding each of the tickets could walk away with nearly 150 million each, before taxes.

We had 4 Texas winners for five out of five. Those tickets are worth a million bucks or two million if they power played. The winners were sold in Mount Pleasant, Amarillo, Arlington and San Antonio.

If you lost out this time don't worry, You will be able to throw your money away on a big jackpot soon enough.  It doesn't take long for the Powerball Jackpot to get big again since the tickets cost $2 a piece, doubling the money that goes into the jackpot.

So to all of us losers, Better Luck Next time!