I never buy the cheapest product.  I always buy the 2nd-cheapest product.  It's occasionally left me feeling cheap and used.  Today was one of those days, thanks to a computer mouse purchase that has me feeling like a Giant version of Bill Gates

My wife says it's because no one uses a mouse anymore because of tablets.  I say it's because I bought a cheap product based solely on cost.  There was a $14 mouse, but I decided to splurge (I really do stick to buying the 2nd-cheapest- it's how I live) and got the $15 mouse.

That $15 mouse sucks.  It's either built for kids or tiny people.  I admittedly have small sausage-fingers, but my hand just swallowed this mouse, and I feel like a dainty nobleman using the mouse with my pinkie extended out like I belong on "Downton Abbey".

There came a point when I thought, "This is somewhat comical.  I feel like the giant that made it down the beanstalk and tries to assimilate into a tiny world.  Jack should have cut that beanstalk down quicker.


"Three to See- 3 Thoughts In My Mind After Plugging in my New Mouse"




  • 1

    My Fingers Look Like the Legs of an NBA Player Who's Sleeping in a Child's Bed

    Photo by me.
  • 2

    This Tiny Mouse Makes My Fingers Look Like ET Trying to Skype Home

    Photo by me
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    This Has Me Feeling Like I'm Gonna Love and Pet and Caress and Crush and Kill My Mouse Like Lenny From 'Of Mice and Men'

    Photo by me