Ticked off Tuesday, I want you to see my ongoing Pet Peeve. It only surfaces when I am in a parking lot and I see shopping carts right next to the cart corral, not inserted property, or all askew.  It happened again this weekend.  So I decided to document the evidence.

Just Push It In For Pete's Sake! And Throw the Papers Away! The Trash Can Is Right There!

Look!!!  How much energy does it take to push this cart right into the stall?

Look It's Magic!

Hardly any muscle is required,  I do believe a two year old could have done this.

Now check out the other side.   What the BLEEP!

I Can't Believe How Many People Did This!

Okay think of it as two lanes on the hiway. That’s why they have little stoppers on each end.  One person pushed a cart into the wrong side, but look! the stopper is there it won't go in, did they just move over a few feet and put it in the correct side???  NOOOO! They left it there and then person number two instead of taking that cart and putting it in the empty correct side where it  belongs, they pushed their cart into the wrong side too, and so did persons numbers three, four, and five.   AARGH!!!!

Thank goodness as soon as I drive out of the parking lot I forget what I have just witnessed,  otherwise my head would EXPLODE.  Do me a favor.  Put the shopping cart in the corral  the correct way and give Julia some Peace of Mind!  Cause it is all about me, right?