It's Ticked off Tuesday, So whatever is making you mad, go ahead and tell us about it, no use keeping it all bottled up.  Survey says, these are some things that Gripe our Grunge on a daily basis.   They did the survey over in England, but these things are supposed to be universal.

Are they right? Do these things make you mad?

1.  People who cut in line.   This is number one?   Just don't let the people do it.  Call em out on it. Real LOUD!

2.  When people are rude in general.  Why?  Remember the Golden Rule!

3.  People who don't listen.  We just can't have a conversation if you keep talking!

4.  Spitting in public.   Ewww!

5.  Being put on hold.  Thanks goodness for Speaker Phones.  I understand this is necessary so I ain't mad at em. If it takes too long I hang up 

6.  People who take advantage of government services, and don't plan on ever trying to get OFF welfare.  I reserve comment.

7.  People who act like the rules don't apply to them.  Yep I Know these people.  So High and Mighty!

8.  People who text and drive.  Don't, Please, you may end up killing me, or Jamie!

9.  People who don't say please and thank you.  I am going to tell your Mamma on you!

10.  Backstabbers. Just a warning,  what goes around comes around.

That reminds me, People who speak in Cliches get on my last nerve!