Tim McGraw marries traditional country stylings to contemporary innovations in his new single ‘Lookin’ for That Girl.’ The scream of a pedal steel keeps the track safely on the country side of the radio, while his use of auto-tune points forward toward what could be the genre’s future.

'Lookin' for That Girl' is not the first time McGraw has used a similar effect. The post-chorus of ‘Southern Girl’ also took liberties, but the production of this James Slater, Chris Tompkins and Mark Irwin-penned track is more of a force. It's at least half of the focus -- maybe more. Lyrically, McGraw is looking for a girl to have a good time with.

That girl, she’s a party all nighter / Little ‘Funky Cold Medina,’ little ‘Strawberry Winer,’” he sings to open the song.

A few other tracks from a variety of genres are name-checked in the verses to follow. At first, he’s describing his ideal lover, but then he’s telling of his search.

If you see her tell her I’m lookin’ for that girl, that girl, that girl / Hard to find, I’ll be spending every night lookin’ for that girl, that girl, that girl,” McGraw sings.

The verses are colorful, relying on geography and images the star leaned on to make ‘Southern Girl’ a hit in 2013. “That girl she’s a sugar-sweet drive by / Hold my dreams in her blue jeans oh my / Yellow hammer south Georgia, Mississippi chick / Drink cherry wine, Louisiana lipstick.”

Credit McGraw for toying with a proven sound he could have counted on for at least one or two more Gold albums. His aggressive approach may turn some longtime fans off, but it will keep him relevant with the younger audience.

Why Fans Will Love It: The singer continues to push forward. Few have changed with the times better than Tim McGraw. His fans that embrace the new country sound will love 'Lookin' for That Girl.'

Key Lyrics: “Hair like a field of corn / Body like a honey comb / Smile like a country song / Baby, climb on in” 

Did You Know?: McGraw pulled his 2014 tour name from the chorus of this song. "Sun down, heaven town, driving ‘round hitting the bars, shooting the stars," he sings so quickly you may miss it. Look for him in 30 cities this summer.

Listen to Tim McGraw, 'Lookin' for That Girl'