Look what we did!  We got an autographed picture of Toby Keith for one of his biggest fans.


Jean Sims has been listening to US 105 for years.  She mainly listens for a Toby Keith song.  She loves Toby Keith, has been following his career for years.  Miss Jean even knows stuff about Toby that I never knew.


Miss Jean also loves Jamie Garrett.  We already hooked her up with an autographed picture of Jamie, (with Julia and Rita Baloo), we just needed to get Toby.

The old gang, Jamie, Rita and Julia


Well I wrote to his management company and they sent us an autographed Toby Keith picture just for Miss Jean.  She was skeptical at first!


Miss Jean is skeptical!


But she finally believed that was Toby’s Signature.



She tells me she shows it to everybody, whether they like country music or not!  He stands out in her US105 Photo Gallery!


US 105 history with Julia and Rita, along with Jamie and Toby and Meeker the Cat!