There is nothing more disgusting than the thought of something crawling all over you while you sleep and sucking blood out of you.  To make my ‘heebie jeebies’ just a little worse about this whole idea, you can add in the extreme ease of a transferable infestation.

Bed bugs are on the rise again in the United States and this benefits only one group of people… the exterminators.  First a little background on this culprit.  For those of you that haven’t ever had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of this little pest, a bed buy is about the size and color of a flat apple seed.  They are not only found in beds, they are also found in suitcases, boxes, shoes, wallpaper and headboards.  They bite you and live on blood that they get from the itchy sores created by the bite.

Now here is the information you really need!  The top five cities in the United States for Bed Bug problems are Chicago at first, then Detroit, Los Angeles, Denver and Cincinnati.  If you happen to be traveling to those cities, please be really really careful and vigilant as to prevent the spread.  This is not only to save the business you go to from infestation, but more importantly because I do not plan on going to those cities any time soon and don’t want someone to bring them any closer to me.