Montgomery Gentry will headline the main stage Saturday Night at this years Bloomin' Fest. Here's my picks for their top 5 songs, and the ones I'll be waiting to hear.

Yes, Temple Bloomin' Fest is May 15th & 16th this year. It's our 10th year anniversary for this Spring party, and they brought out the big guns. Montgomery Gentry. That would be

Duo of the Year awards at both the ACM's and the CMA's

Kentuckians Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry. They formed together in 1999 and won Favorite New Artist-Country at the American Music Awards right off. The next year they picked up Duo of the Year awards at both the ACM's and the CMA's, and they will be performing in a matter of days right here in Central Texas.

At number 5 is the hit "My Town". A great song about home. A place you can always come back to.

Number 4 is great because it has a heartfelt core but set at a high speed. "Hard times, bad luck. Sometimes life sucks." Here's "If You Ever Stop Loving Me"

We get a look at what kind of show we should expect on May 16th with this next hit. At number 3 it's "Daddy Won't Sell the Farm"

At number 2 is their first hit. This one jumped out of speaker the first time I heard it. I was driving down a back road  when I suddenly had to turn around and go to work so I could record this song on a mix tape. (Yes, mix tape, I was slow to go digital. Not that it was really an option in 1999.) Here's "Hillbilly Shoes"

And the number 1 song I'll me most waiting to hear from Montgomery Gentry is the smash hit "She Couldn't Change Me", because everyone had a girl change her tune to some hip-hop mess at one time in there life.