You might want to check some of these out before Thanksgiving.

I never understood why people don't do this more than once a year. The Thanksgiving meal is always good, as long as your aunt doesn't burn the gravy. But you never hear of anyone going to mom's for a turkey dinner in the middle of June.

This is cause for some concern on Thanksgiving, because the person making it hasn't had any practice since last year!

To help, I've compiled a list of a few easy ways to cook the "once-a-year-bird".

  • Roast Turkey

    Easy Start

    This one is for beginners. I guess the thing you'll need to tackle is the idea of touching the bird. Nasty. Be sure to wash your hands before, during, and after.

    And don't forget the dental floss. Seriously.

  • Martha's Way

    Prison rules people

    You shank it, you eat it. But Martha Stewart shows us how to make it delicious.

  • Turkey in a Keg

    Outdoor Time

    I never understood dressing up for Thanksgiving Dinner. I always wanted to "give thanks" that I didn't have to wear a nice shirt for dinner. It never failed. I'd get all dolled up and drip gravy all over the shirt, then get yelled at by the person who made you where the damn shirt in the first place.

    If you want to ditch the whole "Fancy Meal" idea and try something different. Then get a keg of beer, drink the keg. cut the keg in half, then throw in the turkey.

  • Deep Fry

    Insurance Paid Up?

    It may be the most tasty way to eat the big bird, but it always keeps the fire department on it's toes.

    Remember, THAW YOUR TURKEY!!!! If you drop a frozen turkey in the oil, you're gonna die on fire.

  • Bonus

    Deep Fry Fail

    These people forgot the rule. Thaw in Fridge 1 day per 5 pounds.