You can never be too cautious these days, and supplies left on various street corners have the town wondering if they're pleasant treats or a nasty trick.

A post from the Facebook group What's Happening In Killeen/Fort Hood, TX, has the community buzzing after one member noticed toiletry and food supplies left around the city.

Some of the items included soda, paper towels, toilet paper, and vegetable oil.

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Sex Trafficking Scam?

Immediately some citizens were very concerned and thought that this may be the latest trap set by sex traffickers. Imagine you believe you found some nice freebies on the side of the road, and the next moment you're being ambushed by predators and never seen again.

No thank you!

Left For Those In Need?

Others believe that the items may have been left behind by a good Samaritan for the homeless. Community members report having seen items like those mentioned above under bridges, pillars and at other random locations since the pandemic.

Of course, some of the items have people questioning if they were truly left behind for the homeless.

One person commented, "what are the homeless gonna do with vegetable oil?"

While yet another joked the items were left behind by the "Dollar General Robin Hood".

Timing is Key

Most members noticed that the items don't usually appear during the day, but rather in the evenings. Some believe that's the best time to set supplies out for those in need, so that random strangers don't pillage the items.

Safety Above All

The supplies remain a mystery, but I wouldn't recommend stopping in dimly lit areas for these items.

If you wish to help the homeless or those in need, please contact a local organization so that you can be assured that the supplies make it to where they need to be. Not to mention that these random items spread around the city can be an eyesore to tourists.

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