Well another Halloween has come and gone in the State of Texas.

So many different costumes, and so many sweets handed out. It's always great to see how someone changes the game in terms of dressing up every year isn't it? But as time goes on, changes are seen in regards to many facets of the holiday.

One of those parts of the holiday? Well we just mentioned it, the candy! Every child on Halloween dreams of getting the most candy of all the kids on the big night. But there's a lot of potential houses to visit.

With that bag getting filled and filled with more candy, it's going to get pretty heavy. Those hands might get tired carrying all of the haul as well. So, could there be a way for someone to carry around the bag or perhaps bucket?

It Turns Out, Yes, There Is A Possible New Way

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Turning to Tik Tok, one item is being used to help with receiving of candy:

Serious question, how did anyone not think of this before? Using a drone to carry the sweets? Genius!

However, we do have a question. How does the drone ring the doorbell? I mean, somebody has to let the person know they're outside right? Unless another kid walks up with the drone and rings the doorbell.

That would somewhat defeat the purpose of the drone right? We're just thinking out loud here. Maybe there's a doorbell attachment?

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