It is indeed the spooky season here in Texas, and many have already begun to prepare for the big night of candy and craziness.

Of course, there's many things that have to be taken into account when the holiday of Halloween arrives. What exactly are we talking about though?

Well first things first, you're definitely going to need something to wear costume wise for the big night right? If you're going for the candy as well, you're going to need a big bag right? But...where are you going to go to get the sweets?

Texas is a big state after all, there's no way to know where the best place is to trick or treat in the state right? Or is there?

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Do We Know The Best Place To Trick Or Treat In Texas?

Finding a place where the Halloween vibes are quite wonderful is a bit hard right? We mean everything can look pretty spooky in the nighttime. But only a select few areas in Texas do it perfectly.

So looking at it all, there has to be some data somewhere to see the best places to trick or treat. Turns out there is, and Texans in these two areas might be very excited.

Texas, You Should Trick Or Treat Here!

According to Bobvila, the top 24 places to go trick or treating has two cities in the state of Texas. One of them even in Central Texas, which is just wonderful. The list places Dallas at 18, and Austin at 21.

So it looks like Halloween in Central Texas, especially in Austin, will be filled with candy. Just don't get too spooked!

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