True Blood’ season six spurts out its third episode of the year, “You're No Good,” as Sookie, Jason and Niall continue to protect against the mysterious Warlow, while Eric kidnaps the Governor's daughter in exchange for information, and Sam attempts to rescue Emma from the werewolves..

Last week’s ‘True Blood’ episode, “The Sun,” saw Sookie meet both a mysteriously injured young man (Robert Kazinski) and Jason’s rescuer (Rutger Hauer), while Jessica attempted to coax Bill out of a dangerous situation and Eric went undercover to meet Governor Truman Burrell (Arliss Howard), so how does “You're No Good” keep the new season flowing? What will season six of ‘True Blood’ bring, now that “Billith” has risen?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘True Blood’ season six, episode three, “You're No Good”!

Eric prepares to kill Governor Burrell’s daughter Willa, but stops and flees with the girl when she mentions experiments being conducted on vampires. Meanwhile at Bill’s, Jessica learns that Bill saw a vision of she, Pam, Eric, Tara and others burning in the sun, which Bill vows never to let happen. Over at the Stackhouse home, Niall senses the presence of Warlow nearby, but is forced to abandon his pursuit to protect Jason and Sookie.

Eric arrives to Fangtasia with Willa in tow, and urges Tara and Pam to pack while Willa reveals what she knows about the vampire concentration camp and research facilities. When Pam and Tara return, Eric reluctantly declares they must leave Fangtasia for good, and keep Willa as leverage. Meanwhile, a captive Steve Newlin is dragged into one of the experimentation rooms of which Willa spoke.

Sam and Lafayette wake to find Nicole and her VUS boyfriend Jesse helping them, and they are intent on exposing the werewolves. Lafayette urges them to forget what they saw, before assuring Sam he plans to help retrieve Emma. Meanwhile, Eric and co. arrive to Ginger’s house looking for a place to hide, with Eric keeping Willa by his side for protection. Back at Bill’s house, Bill comes to believe himself capable of walking in the sun, and waits outside against Jessica’s advice, only to burn horribly and rush inside at first light.

Niall enters the remnants of the faerie nightclub only to find its residents dead, save for one who reveals the cause as a vampire attack before dying. Back at the Stackhouse's, Sookie continues to worry about Jason’s mental health as the two bond over a somewhat tarnished memory of their parents. Meanwhile, Andy Bellefleur looks over the department’s new anti-vampire weaponry as Holly arrives, hoping for protection against the starving vampires outside her home.

Rikki alerts Alcide and Martha to the incoming arrival of police, who ask Alcide for any knowledge on Emma’s whereabouts. The three deny any knowledge as Rikki scares Emma into shifting before the cops search the house. After they depart, Alcide puts Rikki in her place with regard to keeping Emma within the pack, as a mysterious owl watches from the window. Elsewhere, Andy teaches Holly to shoot as the still-growing children play nearby.

Inside a two-person coffin, Willa explains to Eric that it was her mother who left her father after her affair with a vampire, while Eric refuses to allow Willa to taste his blood.  Over at the deserted faerie nightclub, Niall encounters Ben and presses him into service protecting Sookie from Warlow. Meanwhile, Jessica begs Bill to let her help with his latest idea, capturing a university professor and believed creator of TruBlood.

Steve Newlin is surprised to find his ex-wife Sarah (Anna Camp) within the vampire concentration camp, in a position of authority beneath her political aspirations. After she makes his situation clear, one of the scientists demand Steve reveal everything he knows of Eric Northman. Meanwhile, Jessica enters the Japanese professor’s classroom in a skimpy outfit, asking for private tutoring afterward, and kidnapping him once the other students have left.

Sookie finds Bill at her door in need of help to save the others, but despite denying his entry, Bill brazenly walks inside the house and telekinetically incapacitates Jason. Bill explains that he hopes to save vampires by synthesizing Sookie’s blood, but when Sookie utterly refuses to help, Bill declares her dead to him and walks out. Meanwhile, Nicole and her group drive up to the werewolves’ den hoping to film a transformation, but soon find themselves attacked. Sam uses the chaos to go inside and rescue Emma, but resolves to rescue Nicole as well once he sees her fleeing into the woods.

Governor Burrell calls Eric falsely, looking to negotiate for his daughter, tracing the call all the while. The Governor and his men peel out when the location finally arrives, leading Eric to flee with the others, and keep Ginger behind to stall. Meanwhile, Niall and Ben return to the Stackhouse residence, but Sookie finds herself overwhelmed by everything going on. Ben goes to console her, surprised that they can feel one another’s telepathy, as Niall once again senses Warlow nearby. Niall overpowers the intruder, revealed instead to be Nora, as Jason collapses inside the house

Nearby, Andy finds Bill walking home and warns him about the vampire curfew, before Bill smells Andy’s half-fairy children, and formulates a new idea as he walks away.

Granted, though last week's episode managed to calm things down from the premiere and develop a more cohesive storyline going forward, "You're No Good" doesn't do very much in the way of keeping things together. The Stackhouses remain largely clueless and under guard, Niall included, while no one seems to even slightly suspect the sudden appearance of Ben in their lives. We'll happily eat crow if Ben turns out not to be Warlow, but for the moment this has begun to feel like 'Dexter' season seven all over again.

Meanwhile, Bill doesn't appear to be making much of any progress either, however interesting it might be to learn more of TruBlood's origins. The same goes for Eric's kidnapping of Willa Burrell, which speedily carries us through the episode, but mostly treads water until the group manages to find some kind of destination, or at least escape the Governor for the moment.

Oddly enough, we're intrigued by the possible ramifications of werewolves outing themselves to the world, whether by choice or not, but the storyline's connection to other characters remains as thin as ever. Also, Andy Bellefleur has tween faeries with numbers for names, and wants to be a fort for his ex-girlfriend. That is all we have to say about that.

The return of Sarah Newlin made for another interesting moment that ultimately won't lead anywhere yet, so for the time being, "You're No Good" seems exactly that.

Did you get your fill of fang-banging ‘True Blood’ action?  What did you think about “You're No Good”? Join the discussion in the comments, and be sure to check back next week for another all-new recap when HBO debuts the season six episode, “At Last”!