Country music stars sure love Twitter! Here are a few of the “Tweets of the Week” ending the week of December 2nd, 2012 including tweets from Keith Urban, David Nail, and Carrie Underwood.

@KeithUrban: “Working away at the studio this week…a whole new energy!!! -KU”

@CarrieUnderwood:  “That awkward moment when you wave at an cute little girl and the dude standing right in front of her thinks you’re flirting with him! uh-oh!”

@BradPaisley:  “Using the Mayan calendar to say the world is going to end can’t be right.The Mayan Swimsuit Calendar has a Miss January.”

@BlakeShelton:  “I’ll never understand ripping on someone for being brave enough to chase a dream. The shit ALL these kids do on The Voice is hard! #respect

@JakeOwen:  “Mornin backyard stroll…..”

@DavidNail:  “Sorry for all the sports tweets, I kinda like sports and sometimes forget that most people could care less about my thoughts… Goodnight”

@TheRyman:  “That’s a real Nashville moment, a nameless girl jumping on stage at some honky tonk and having a beautiful voice #nashvilleabc @clarembee”

@LauraBellBundy:  “In the past 3 weeks I’ve been to LA, Bahrain, Africa, NYC, KY, and now finally back in Nashville. Thank god for dry shampoo! #rockthecut”

@BrettEldredge:  “Lets face it, Nerf guns are still the sheeeeat!”

@FrankieBallard:  “Someday I hope to be as big as @NealMcCoy…”


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