Thanks to some crafty handiwork and a dedicated support team, James and Libby Waechter can feel like any other kid.

The 12-year-old twins from Wellington, Colorado who suffer from cerebral palsy recently had a specially-designed backyard playground built for them by students at Colorado State University’s Construction Management program.

Donations of nearly $20,000 poured in to help complete the ambitious project, which took nearly four months to finish.

The playground, a true testament to ingenuity, features a ramp, a swing and a sandbox the twins can get to on their own with their wheelchairs.

James and Libby’s mother, Katie, is blown away by the playground:

Our deck is beautiful. The bridge from the deck, you go up this bridge to get on the swing, and they made it so that the kids can just go on there and sit and play without it having to be moving at all. It can be a fort, or a fun little play area. They can come down the bridge and they got this super cool raised sandbox too. It’s been awesome.”

Getting this project done was certainly no small feat, especially when you consider the swing alone weighs 3,000 pounds.

All in all, the finished product is definitely a success. Says Katie, "It’s perfection and beautiful.”