Texas high school football is a huge part of the state. There's nothing better than going to game under the lights on a Friday. However, there's one thing everyone can agree on, regardless of whatever team you're cheering for.

Safety is a top priority for both spectators and players. Recently, a situation involving a young child happened at a game between Chilton and Rosebud-Lott.

The Situation That Occurred

During the game between to the two teams, a child, unidentified, was almost a victim of kidnapping. Thankfully, the child was able to fight off the alleged unnamed kidnapper. Police are still looking for the person who attempted the alleged kidnapping.

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But this moment has the district already making changes. Dr. Jim Rosebrock, the Superintendent spoke to KXXV of the adjustments being made to help many feel safe at games in Central Texas:

"All of the kids like to get up and play and run, so we’re encouraging all our students to stay with their parents and our parent to escort our kids, especially the younger ones to the concession stands or the restroom."

In addition, Rosebrock also urged older kids at these games to keep their eyes out for any suspicious events happening and report said suspicious moments to any staff as soon as possible.

Conflicting Reports And Parent Responses

However the claims of potential kidnapping are currently under scrutiny as well. KWTX reports that the Falls County Sheriff's Office has stated no alleged kidnapping took place. The Sheriff's Office also stated:

"There is no indication that an attempt to kidnap or remove a child from the stadium ever occurred.”

Unnamed parents who spoke to KXXV said they will do their best to keep their children close at games, while one parent stated they wouldn't take their children to games.

This is a developing story, and we will have more details when available.

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