Let's face it, gas prices these days thankfully a little bit lower than they were earlier in the summer. It doesn't hurt the wallet as much for us to to fill up our vehicles. But the price of gas does fluctuate, and we've seen it get pretty high.

When those prices rise, people try everything and anything to save money on fuel. Various gas entities offer some type of program to help lower the cost. Then there's other times when individuals try to sneak away without paying for fuel.

Two individuals in Killeen attempted to do just that.

A Gas Pump Tampered With

According to FOX 44, on Tuesday, November 1st, Killeen Law Enforcement were alerted to an ongoing theft at a 7-11 on Willow Springs Road. First reported at around the time of 11:30 AM, officers spotted one person, Michel Avalos from Austin, filling an external tank with diesel fuel.

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Officers approached, and while at the pump Avalos was located at, law enforcement allegedly found a device located inside the pump. The alleged device stopped the pump from being able to read how much fuel left the pump, while still allowing fuel to be pumped.

Officers also discovered a remote control for the device, with which whoever used said control could trick the pump. Law enforcement also found out that another vehicle used the exact same pump before Avalos.

Officers were able to locate the second suspect, Raudel Ledesma-Diaz after a traffic stop.

Amount Of Gas Stolen

Law Enforcement found both the amount of fuel and the monetary value as well. In total, the duo is alleged to have stolen 167.4 gallons of diesel fuel, almost totaling $1000.

Both man were arrested and charged with unlawful use of a criminal instrument. At the time of writing, they are in the Bell County Jail.

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