The state of Texas is certainly a beautiful place.

Just imagine this, it's spring, temperatures have gone down, and the bluebonnets are out in full force. So pretty isn't it? Wish it could be like that all the time.

However, we all know when the heat arrives in the Lone Star State that we dread going outdoors. Nobody likes being sweaty all the time of course. Nor do they enjoy touching things that are scalding hot as well.

Thankfully today, we won't be talking about the Texas weather, rather the area around us. We've all seen a trash can overflowing with items right? Well imagine that, but all over a Texas city?

Recent data has come out that two Texas cities need to potentially clean up various things, unless they want to stay on a national list.

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Two Texas Cities Placed On Dirtiest In Nation List


As reported by LawnStarter, data was collected to determine where some of the most unsanitary towns in the nation were located. Using four important factors which were, consumer satisfaction, infrastructure, living conditions, and pollution.

Sadly, there was a Texas city that took the top spot. Ranked at third in pollution, fourth in living conditions, 12th in infrastructure, and 34th in consumer satisfaction, was the city of Houston. But Houston wasn't alone.

Ranking seventh on the list was San Antonio, Texas. This placed two Texas cities in top ten dirtiest of the nation. Other Lone Star cities such as El Paso and Dallas appeared in the top 50.

So, it looks like we've got some work to do in the Lone Star State cleanup-wise!

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