I'm sure at some point we've all thought about what it would be like to hop on the luggage conveyor belt at the airport. A two-year-old was injured after he slipped away from his mother and jumped on the baggage conveyor belt at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta earlier this week.

According to CBS News- the boy's mother, Edith Vega, told police that she was printing boarding passes for her and her son when he slipped away. The child climbed up onto the conveyor belt that was unsupervised at the time and away he went.

The agent at the Spirit Airlines ticket counter was helping another customer and didn't see the boy run over to the area and get on the belt. Once the boy's mother told the agent what happened, he stopped the belt but the boy was already gone.

In the video, you see the boy get on the belt and go through different chutes along the conveyor belt. The boy can also be seen struggling to get off of the belt. He climbs over numerous suitcases and tries to grip onto the siding to prevent himself from going further. Once the boy made it to the TSA bag room, staffers immediately grabbed him and return to his mother.

The airline said in a statement:

"Spirit Airlines is aware of an incident at Hartsfield-Jackson International in which an unattended child passed by a section of our ticket counter that was not staffed or open at the time. We are currently working with TSA and airport officials to ensure all protocol was followed. We wish the child the best in their recovery."

The child was treated at a local hospital for an injured arm.

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