On Sunday rescuers found an empty kayak and a pair of flip flops floating around near Miller Springs Park just before a call came in about a missing person who had gone out on the water.

According to police the man went into the Leon River below Belton Damn. Water is still coming through the spillway in this area at a little over 5,000 cubic feet per second. This was enough force to push the kayaker a mile-and-a-half down the river by the time he was able to swim to shore.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says 8 feet above it's normal level, and with flood conditions at Lake Belton and Stillhouse, Central Texas residents are trying to find areas to still enjoy summer fun on the water. Some of them are getting into trouble due to the large amounts of water still coming through spillways. Brad Ellis with the U.S. Army Corps stated:

We're glad so far the incidents have ended in rescues and not recoveries.

He says the water released by the spillways increases the current, and that can get people into trouble especially if they are not wearing life jackets.

According to the Corps, people should definitely not be swimming in the Leon, Lampasas, or Little rivers right now. Ellis says this is the area where they are seeing an increase in kayakers and swimmers. He said, "With that kind of turbulent water, even with a life jacket on, you'll be in a lot of trouble."


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