Maybe your rental deposit was sent to the wrong address, or some forgotten insurance payout is waiting for you to claim it.

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Is it possible that there was one last paycheck from that part-time job you had a few years ago? Maybe a family member died and left behind a safety deposit box that is rightfully yours.

Texas Unclaimed Property Search

Whatever the reason may be, according to over $3 billion worth of unclaimed property has been returned to its rightful owners by the State of Texas.

The best part? It's completely free to search the site and find out if you have property waiting to be claimed. There is generally also no statute of limitations for unclaimed property the state holds. That means there’s no time limit for owners to file a claim, so even if it's been several months or even years, the claim can be filed whenever you want. Until the rightful owner comes forward, funds and property remain with the state.

What Does 'Unclaimed Property' Include?

While the term 'unclaimed property' does not include real estate or vehicles, common forms of unclaimed property can include inactive bank accounts, stocks, and uncashed dividends. Unclaimed property can also include:

  • utility deposits or other refunds
  • insurance payouts
  • payroll checks
  • cashier’s checks
  • mineral royalties
  • abandoned safe-deposit box contents

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators states that nearly 33 million people in the United States have unclaimed property.

How to Get Unclaimed Property

For more information or to search for unclaimed property and begin the claims process, your can go to, or call 800-321-2274 (CASH).

If you think you may have money or property in a state other than Texas, you can check or to search for it.

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