Good old FM 2271 construction has many motorists in central Texas finding alternate routs around the Belton Dam. Aaron and I decided to take a ride past it to check on the road construction progress. (Caution: Narrating a video and driving can be distracting as Wes calls FM 2271 FM 2217.)

Construction over the dam reduced FM 2271 down to a single lane beginning January 1st of this year. All estimates call for at least 90 days for the road work to be completed. We figured, hey they should be about half way done by now right? Maybe?

As you can see in the video above, the left shoulder of FM 2271 is completely gone as you go over the dam, and you can see workers and heavy equipment all across the construction zone. When we drove across the dam we only waited a few minutes for the light to turn green, but at times when traffic volume is higher, the wait can seem like it takes forever.

To avoid the construction all together 317 is your best alternate to reach Lake Road. We will keep an eye on the progress and continue to update our listeners. Y'all drive safe!

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