I've seen it coming for months.  Big bodies sitting on old studio chairs usually equals a day of disaster.  Today was that day.  Sheila, the studio chair, went on to that great trash dumpster in the sky.

With a broken leg it's best for Sheila if we just put her down. Photo by me.

I've seen it coming for months.  Slowly but surely Ol' Reliable has been fading from her glory days.  A few years back she was young and spry.  She could handle whatever you threw at her.  She was certainly better than anything available in one of our other studios.  Sheila is not easy to replace.  Not just any office chair will do.  We need taller chairs to sit up at our studio board.  Sheila... you will be missed.

Many butts, large and small, have graced Sheila with their presence.  Considering how much of lives we spend in one of these studios, I'm sure you can understand the bond.  We've gotten a new board in the studio.  We had new speakers installed.  We've got better processing for a better on-air sound.  Yet, through all the changes, Sheila was the one constant.  We won't be sure until the autopsy is performed, but if I had to guesstimate, I'd go with suffocation.  Get it???  Ha!