There are a lot of farms in Central Texas, but did you know the City of Temple has its own tree farm? Have you ever seen it?

I love getting to meet new people in Texas. Everyone is so interesting and I learn a lot every time I get to just kinda shoot the breeze with people. Today I got to spend about a half hour walking the Temple Tree Farm with Park Superintendent Val Roming.

An article earlier this month described the Tree for Me program here on our station website. We got a lot of interest from people who wanted the free trees. We called over to the tree farm and Val was genuinely glad to come out in the heat and talk to us about the trees the City is giving away this autumn, as well as the year-round efforts of the parks and recreation team to nurture these plants.

We met him at the Temple Tree Farm on E Avenue H. It's a big orchard stocked with lots of different trees that will make the city beautiful for generations. We saw Cedar Elm, Chinese Pistache, Red Bud and Mexican Plum trees specifically because these are some of the trees being included in the giveaway this fall. We saw first hand what great shape the trees are in, the soil they grow in, how they are watered, and even ways they are protected.

The grant that started the tree farm 10 years ago has been put to good use. These are all 3 to 4-year-old, very healthy trees. Nobody will take these out with a weed wacker by mistake when they are put in the ground in their new homes.

Trees from the Temple Tree Farm are in our Bell County parks, neighborhoods, in front of the Mayborn Convention Center, along our highways, and dozens of other places.

To take advantage of the city's FREE Tree for Me program you need to be a Temple resident, then fill out an application at You will need to arrange to pick up the tree, and if approved it's important to remember these are not gonna fit in anything but a pickup truck. The trees are meant to stand up when you move 'em down the road.

Val is ready to talk to you about trees as well! He can be reached at 254-298-5401 by anyone wanting more info on the Tree for Me program. The application process is a first come, first served basis. Pick up is October 21st from 8 am to 11 am. Homeowners should apply today.

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