Two people have died and three are injured after a series of explosions in Austin dating back to March 2nd.

The USPS offers a series of tips to help spot a suspicious package to try and help residents should they come in contact with a delivery they do not expect or recognize.

KWTX reports the tips from the USPS include looking for excessive postage, distorted handwriting, no return address, restricted labels, odd shapes or smells, or packages with wires or tin foil sticking out of the box.

If you find a package that meets the description above, here's what authorities want you to do. First, do NOT open the package. Isolate the package and tell others to stay away from it. Do not stick it in a confined space like a desk or cabinet. Open any windows if the package is discovered inside to help ventilate any possible gasses. Contact local police and your post office inspector's office.

Lastly, never worry about being embarrassed if the package turns out to be a simply mistaken delivery. It's far better to be safe than sorry.Your local post office and neighbors will be glad you took precautions to notify authorities.

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