For this year's Valentine's date, why not head to the Bell County Expo for Red Dirt Mardi Gras?  Two questions... What do guys hate?  Romantic dates.  What do guys love?  Mardi Gras craziness.  You've now got a chance to combine the two.

Red Dirt Mardi Gras is back, and this year's timing couldn't be better.  Every year at this time guys are left grasping at straws in an attempt to fulfill their Valentine obligations to their significant other.  Flowers?  Chocolate?  Lingerie?  All great ideas, but when YOU can get something out of a romantic date (not THAT, guys) beyond boredom, you've got to take advantage.

That's why combining one of a guy's favorite holidays (Mardi Gras) with his better-half's favorite holiday (V-Day, obviously) makes everyone a winner.  That means it's time to grab the flowers, grab your beads, boots & hat, grab a couple beers and you're set.  See Casey Donahew, Bart Crow and Roger Creager as they bring Mardi Gras to the Bell County Expo Friday night (2/14).

Get your tickets online, or buy them at the door, and we'll see you for all the Red Dirt and Romance you can squeeze out of one night.




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