When it comes to finding a pet, many things are considered. Can you afford the pet in question, is it a right fit for the family, and most importantly, will the person in question be able to provide care for the animal.

Most all of us know that taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility. But it is one that many undertake and truly enjoy. Whether it be a dog, cat, or even a fish, any pet brings happiness to those who bring them into the family.

But for some, adopting a pet can be a pricey ask. And sometimes, it just isn't meant to be. But one shelter in Temple is helping a certain group of individuals find a furry friend, with the price of adoption being easy on the wallet.

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Temple Animal Shelter Adoption Event

According to KCEN, the shelter is holding an event, aptly named "Pets for Vets," to help those who gave their time and effort to protect this country. The shelter is taking the adoption fee for veterans wishing to add pets to their family. Adoption requirements will still need to be met, and if a veteran meets those requirements, they can happily add a new member to the family.

The event, which started on November 7th, will last until the end of the month on November 30th. For those looking for information about the pets looking for a home or inquiring about other items with the shelter, click here for more information.

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